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Ever wonder what its like as a member of PARA Marine Search and Rescue?

Its not always the heart pounding adrenaline rush you might think it is, no to be honest those days are not as common as you think. Sure we have those dark nights when, as the chill wraps its tentacles around one’s shoulders, our members clamber out of their warm houses, leaving family behind to respond to a boater in distress. It’s those nights we might talk about as we sit by the crackling fire sharing a laugh and a drink with family and friends. Its those successful rescues which transform into the calming memories we hold close, a night when we engaged with the irrepressible force of the lake and successfully brought some one home.

But to be honest, most of our time is spent in more mundane activities to ensure that on those rare occasions we are indeed successful. Whether its a night of training, a regular patrol shift, sharing our time with the local community or even just a night hard at work, knee deep in administrative work keeping the unit focused, it all leads back to those special nights.

So we thought we would share some of this with you to give you a real sense of who we are. Sure there will be moments of excitement but beyond that, we hope to give you some insight into what it takes and what our members really do to keep this unit on the water and ready to assist at a moment’s notice.

We hope you enjoy and if interested in becoming a member be sure to submit your application here.