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The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)  is responsible for manning the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC) out of Trenton, Ontario. The CCG maintains assets in strategic locations on Lake Ontario and along with the local volunteer auxiliary units provide the marine assets. Additionally, the Royal Canadian Air Force provides air assets (fixed wing aircraft and helicopters) and SAR Technicians to support any SAR missions.

To support this mandate, PARU is tasked by the JRCC for various missions in the local area. The goal is to provide the most effective response in helping those in need in the water. These can include:

  • vessels in distress via MAY DAY or PAN PAN emergency calls
  • over due or missing vessels
  • vessels in need of a tow

The illustration below represents the type and location where we responded over the years:

  • Yellow – Vessel in need of tow
  • Green – Grounded vessel
  • Red – Person In the Water
  • Pink – Vessel taking on Water, Capsized, or Foundered
  • White – Assist or Escort vessel to safe harbour
  • Blue – Search for vessel
  • Light Blue –  Stood Down as tasking cancelled
  • Star (on Green Paddle) – Special Event

Interested in getting a sense of what it’s like out on a call, take a look at this.