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The objectives and goals as outlined within our most recent strategic plan:

Strengthen the organization through improved communications:   

  1. Continue our Management Transparency initiatives 
  1. Identify opportunities to encourage increased member participation 
  1. Increase member engagement and awareness 

 Develop our crews by instilling a strong nautical knowledge base 

  1. Continue training to build basic skills 
  1. Improve skills competency in our crew members    

 Ensure SAR readiness in order to maintain operational resiliency and agility:   

  1. Build consistency between crews   
  1. Validate crew readiness, safety through training and evaluations 
  1. Broaden SAR Partner engagement to other partners 

 Planning for the future to ensure a sustainable future: 

  1. Continue to increase our Community awareness and presence 
  1. Maintain and execute a viable Asset Management strategy 
  1. Ensure Succession planning is in place 
  1. Maintain Financial strength and sustainability 

The most recent plan is available here: 2020-2022 Strategic and Business Plan – Final