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PARA Marine Search & Rescue membership’s demographics are diverse. Our members come from all walks of life, with varied level of maritime and emergency management expertise. This offers a unique opportunity that can be built on the concepts of knowledge sharing, leadership, camaraderie and friendship.

Our members are expected to strive and maintain the highest level of conduct in the areas of:

Safety. Safety is first and foremost for all members. PARA Marine Search & Rescue reinforces a safety culture that governs all its operations and training. We will apply safety principles consistently throughout the organization. Members shall demonstrate this commitment to safety in all activities, at all levels, from routine practices to complex mission evolutions to vessel maintenance.



Community. PARA Marine Search & Rescue is a member of several communities. As part of the national SAR program we are aligned with the CCGA National organization, other CCGA regions, USCGA and local SAR partners. As part of the marine community in Durham Region and GTA we are involved with the marina and yacht clubs. We are members of the various local communities and businesses that we and our families live and work in. PARA Marine Search & Rescue and its membership must strive to maintain an active profile in all these areas if we are to be successful in fulfilling our objectives.


Teamwork. As an individual, crew member, coxswain or member of the executive team, teamwork is based on respect, honesty, integrity and trust. As volunteers, we must balance all aspects of life while ensuring we can follow through on meeting our commitment to PARA Marine Search & Rescue and ultimately our commitment to “the person in the water”. That success is dependent on the teamwork of the membership, the crews, the unit leadership and our SAR partners. Everyone has a role in making that a success.