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The Seasons Turn

Perhaps only in Canada would you have captured the above image. A real juxtaposition of weekend recreational life in a northerly climate.

Though only a mere 200 metres apart, both parties seemed completely absorbed in their own tasks, oblivious to the world around them. It was an image too good to pass up and one, which on reflection really illustrates our own transition from the ice-bound darkness of winter to the rapid ramp up and overall “melt” that marks the real start of our own personal boating season.

These are busy times around PARA Marine SAR and usually with a particular focus on training and in some cases refreshing of the skills we will come to rely on once we launch in April. From our newest members taking their first foray into the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary‘s Phase 1 and Phase 2 materials to the cobweb clearing for our veteran members, spring marks are rebirth of those skills which have laid dormant since last season. From the bowline to the reef knot, from the compass rose to the nautical mile, from the port to the starboard and from the anchor winch to the scope, all terms recently tucked away in our mind palaces making temporary room for other activities often centered around pudding and turkey are now once again front and centre.

Its also a time to pass on our own knowledge to others through safety seminars at Yacht clubs or educational nights with Scouts and Cadets. An opportunity to share what we know and to help spread the Safe Boating message to past, present and future skippers out there.

And its a time for friends to reconnect and for once strangers to become our new friends as we kick off each year with a good old fashioned chat about the past season, share a laugh or two, say thank you to members moving on and welcome to new ones eager to take up the mantle.

Like the image above it may be winter still and while some hold on tight, we too are pushing hard to clear the “ice” from our minds and get the season started. See you soon out on the water…

Want to know more, take a read of this recent post to see what our season kick off is really like.

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