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Capture Monthly Blog Posts

Our Future is in Good Hands

Its now 4 months into this very odd 2020 boating season and during that time we have seen a number of unique challenges to our regular practice of marine search…

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Its Takes a “Village”
*taken pre Covid-19 protocols in place

Its Takes a “Village”

As an “emergency service”, its easy to think solely on the first response, the launch, the rescue focused on bringing those in need safely home to shore. Isn’t it what…

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A Momentous Day Arrives

The engines rumble into life and a soothing ripple of energy reverberates down the vessel. She is alive once again. The familiar command of “release the lines” echos out on…

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A Difficult Decision

A familiar song breaks the morning silence as many of us reluctantly crack open an eyelid. Perhaps its a reflective retort to a mystical mental trigger or an internal rhythm…

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A World Turned Upside Down

Fixed green and a 4 second flash of red, so many emotions... joy, excitement, fear, relief The excitement of what the day might hold... Visions of a big catch out…

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The Seasons Turn

Perhaps only in Canada would you have captured the above image. A real juxtaposition of weekend recreational life in a northerly climate. Though only a mere 200 metres apart, both…

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