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**NOTE: Our 2024 new member search is now closed in order to give us time to meet with potential new members. At this time all future member candidates will be added to our waiting list until Fall 2024 for possible membership to start during the 2025 season**

You have an uncontrollable desire to feel the water under your feet, the wind blasting all around as you plunge through monstrous waves and despite all that, you have a strong desire to give back to your local community, be part of a tight knit team and yes you excel in ambiguity…

Sound familiar? Does it sound like you? If it does then lets chat a little more.

Each Fall we evaluate our current compliment of members, knowing full well some will move on as their life takes a new turn. This gives us the opportunity to bring on new members, folks who share the same commitment and passion we do.

Of course this role is not for everyone, once a member you can expect to put in over 100 hours during the busy patrol season (mid-April to early October) training, patrolling and supporting our various community events. In addition the pre-April and post-October months have additional smaller time commitments. Sure we are volunteer but the commitment can often feel like a second job.

Why, well its to ensure that when we are needed we can answer the call as quickly and as professionally as possible. Make no mistake, we maybe volunteers in name but we are professional in nature.

Still interested? We look forward to reviewing your application. Please complete the following:

  • Send an email to info@paramarinesar.ca and include your name and an attached resume
  • Complete the form below which will be submitted to our team

We will be in touch in either September or October as we plan for the following year. We do not usually do New Member intake during the season so please be patient. We are interested in your application but as volunteers have many other activities we need to balance during our patrol season.