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PARA Marine SAR Announcement

At the start of 2020 we announced a new organizational brand. We made this change to more accurately reflect our mandate to serve all our local communities. The success and support of this brand has been well received and this summer, when out on taskings or during our training evolutions, our crews proudly wore this new all-encompassing brand.

While a brand change outwardly reflects our pledge, we as an organization wanted to embed this commitment into our organizational ethos. The result, a decision to change our organization’s identity and agreement to commit to all the necessary legal requirements a change like this entails.

It might seem simple on first blush but for our crew and Board members the choice is never easy. Balancing history with an evolving landscape is always top of mind. To isolate one value over another, it’s a difficult decision. In the end, however, the past, while appreciated and respected, reflects only a backward glance and one not necessarily in line with our future direction.

We want to acknowledge, and thank, our members and our Board for their guidance and support during this evolution in PARA Marine Search and Rescue’s history. Change, of course, is never easy but with collaboration, difficult obstacles are easily overcome, and their support is clear evidence of their pledge to our path ahead.

As a result, it is with great pleasure we announce the completion of the necessary requirements and as of September 18th, 2020, we can formally reveal from both a branding and not for profit corporation, we are officially known as PARA Marine Search & Rescue.

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