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2017 Season

It’s a muggy night at the end of July, but then really aren’t they all that way? It’s crazy to think that our season is really already 2/3 done? Where has it all gone and why does it feel so fast? These are questions that we all think about as our summer rumbles on. Even today our crew was lementing how many shifts still remain, is it 5 is it 4? A crazy thought as it drags us away from our homes, our families for 10 hours on the weekend but honestly, we wouldn’t change that at all, it is part of who we are…

A crew is like a family, we joke, we grumble, we disagree and yet we bring it all together to dock with ease.

Crews are families and families are what matter. We have our own little jokes, our own little nicknames but hey we have earned that privilage. A day bouncing on the waves builds a lifetime of trust.

A crew is a family and family is key. So thank you to all our crews. You may have your own quirks but you are part of PARA’s family…