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RVMS Dashboard Update

Hi All,

A quick update on RVMS. There have been a bunch of new features added. There are two specific ones I would like to mention.

First a new indicator on the dashboard that shows the members CRA hour count. This indicator shows the number of hours calculated for the CRA SAR Tax Credit. The indicator takes into account both primary and secondary types of time. Primary and Secondary flags are set on time by category.

Secondly a new box has been added to the dashboard to show the next five upcoming events. It includes the links for the member to register for the event.  You can see the screenshot below for details.

Focus has shifted to adding features to the onboard RVMS module. The key focus is to get the automatic time logging completed so that Patrols and SARs automatically add time records to RVMS for members. Still hoping to get my hands on a weather station to integrate into the onboard system.

That’s it for now.



Dashboard March Pic

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