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Training Exercise with Canadian Forces 424 Squadron Search & Rescue

Crew 7 – Rob Platt, Coxswain

1545hrs stationed 2 miles south of Duffins Creek on Lake Ontario.  Canadian Forces Griffon SAR helicopter overhead.

PARU was asked to drop the training mannequin (we’ll call him “Perry”) into the water for SAR Techs to recover.

After Perry was recovered, he was redeployed from the helicopter at 40ft from surface with the helicopter passing overhead.  The SAR techs were redeployed from the helicopter at 20ft above water for rescue of Perry.  Both SAR techs swam to PARU with Perry in tow.

PARU retrieved both SAR techs and Perry using the Jason’s Cradle (purchased with a generous donation from Ontario Power Generation) on the starboard side.

Once on board, PARU communications officer radioed to the helicopter for a pick-up of both SAR techs.  Once both SAR techs were winched up, the helicopter circled again and the SAR techs were redeployed back to PARU; this time bringing their stokes litter (rescue basket) and some medical supplies.

Once on the vessel, the crew of PARU and the SAR techs exchanged greetings, compared supplies & captured some pictures before being hoisted back to the Canadian Forces helicopter.

Skills training such as this, in partnership with the Canadian Forces 424 Squadron, is invaluable to the members of PARA and we thank them!






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