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RVMS – A present form PARA to Marine SAR

Merry Christmas ... and almost Happy New Year. As you may know last year we started to build a system to aid the information capturing onboard our rescue vessel. The system is called RVMS.…

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2013 Year End Message

  Seasons Greetings Our Herongate fundraiser in early December 2013 was a great success. The dinner was sold out! The venue and show were both excellent and a good time…

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RCM-SAR Jingle Bells

Courtesy of RCM SAR Crashing through the waves In an open rescue craft Look at all the brave Searching for a raft Crews are making way Seas are getting strong The…

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RVMS Current Features

So what does it do? Patrols So I started with the Patrol screen because that is what we do most often. We run two logs on the boat, a radio…

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Video Preview Of RVMS

Hi All, There have bee a few questions regarding RVMS. If a picture is worth a thousand words I wonder how much a video is worth :) Anyways as I…

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Design Considerations For RVMS

Creating an application for logging on a small vessel has some distinct challenges. Add to that the many types of great people who are in the Auxiliary and you are…

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The Start of ISIS

A bit of background first When I joined PARA I was introduced to a guy named Andrew Smith. Andrew had an idea for an electronic logging system on our SAR…

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An evening of comedic fun!

SOLD OUT! Still want to help? Please consider a donation. Support our first "fun" raising event in our mission to raise funds to purchase new engines for rescue vessel PARU. Bring your friends, family, colleagues,…

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