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Responding to a Call Out

All of us are volunteers. None of us do this professionally. Does that mean we don’t have the same level of commitment or passion? No it doesn’t and that will not come as a surprise to any one. We may have regular 9 to 5 jobs but we do what we do because of the passion we have, not only for the water, but more importantly to assist those in need.

But what does each of us do when the call comes in? Do we hope that someone else responds or simply ignore the call? We might talk about our commitment and dedication but this is only really tested when that phone rings in the middle of the night. A responsibility to help stretches beyond just a simple agreement to answer the call. It includes a silent promise we make to respond to that call and head down to the boat. A call to help those in need reminds of why we do what we do. We may pause for a second to think about the security of home and not going out but we all know that at the end of the day we are commited to help those who reach out for our assistance and will answer that call every time.

Its what we want to do and will always do to help those in need. That’s what drives us to head out on nights when most would stay at home…