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RVMS – SAR Tax Credit Tracking Added

In the 2014 Budget the Canadian Federal Government introduced a Tax credit for volunteer SAR personnel. The key to obtaining this credit is accurate time tracking at the unit level. Time associated with the tax credit is divided up into primary and secondary activities.

RVMS has been modified to associate primary and secondary  flags on time categories in RVMS. A report and dashboard indicator will be added to show accumulated CRA hours. All patrol time and SAR hours recorded though the onboard RVMS program are automatically added as Primary time.  The goal of this addition is to make it easy for units to track the time. We felt this was the most flexible way to track this time given the CRA has not yet released advice on how to apply the time.

Another change added to the system is to be able to modify events. You can now change any aspect of an event and have the system automatically notify the attendees.


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